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The 10 best dating sites and apps in 2018

Serious meeting or plan of a night: on which site to find the love?

Providing a comprehensive comparison of all dating sites is an impossible mission. Just be clear right now! It must be said that these platforms are always more numerous. Whether you are looking for general dating sites (gay or straight) or sites dedicated to cougar encounters, short-term encounters or “community” meetings, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding on the Internet. We even find completely crazy sites in this area!

Faced with this observation, we might also be led to think that it has never been easier to find love. And yet … In France, in 2017, there are 18 million singles! So if you’re in this category, maybe you want to end celibacy. And maybe you have the temptation (if you have not already done so) to register on a dating site. But then, which one to choose? What to trust?

Match, eDarling, Tinder Online … We have tested 10 dating sites for you to help you see things more clearly. All are relevant but not all are addressed to the same men.

1. Meetic, always number 1


When talking about dating sites, a name immediately comes to mind (do the test around you): Meetic. Created in 2001, Meetic can boast of being the “first dating site in Europe”.

Present in more than 80 countries, the site receives more than 8 million hits each month … and more than 20,000 new subscribers every day! In France, it remains the n ° 1 all categories, being at the origin of 6 million couples.
These impressive numbers are an assurance of finding a profile that necessarily matches the others. The other side of the coin: you will also find many people who are the opposite of what you are looking for!

Easy to use, the site that wants to make you love your imperfections also benefits from attractive rates (from € 9.99 / month) and especially the opportunity to test the service for free for 3 days (for men as well as for women). In short, 17 years after its creation, Meetic always good!

2. Tinder, the mobile reference


Clearly newer on the market, Tinder has had tremendous success. Rather than a dating site, this is a geolocated mobile dating app that allows you to easily connect with people around you.

And the use of the application is even simpler: when a profile appears on your screen, you just need to “swipe” (sweep the screen) left if you’re under the spell or right in the opposite case. Tinder detractors say that this method desecrates the dating, the parade of profiles closer to the cattle fair. Certainly. But the result is there, with 50 million users worldwide and tens of billions of “matches”.

Attention, all the same: if you are looking for love with a big A, Tinder is not the ideal solution. But its free (the Tinder Plus subscription allows access to more options) is another advantage of weight when choosing the site on which we register!

3. Happn, the French Tinder


Happn, it’s like the Tinder “made in France”. Here, the application normally allows you to easily find the people you have met in the street. You flashed on the blonde girl seen at the corner of the street or on the pretty redhead at the cafe next door? Take a look at Happn and, with a little luck (if she also downloaded the application), you can get to know her.

The principle is simple and attractive on paper. And even addictive. Chatting with people who are close to home is always fun. But when you come across a person who can track you and walk the streets of your neighborhood up and down in the hope of finding you on Happn, there is something to be paranoid about.

However, do not dramatize! Happn remains an excellent tool of socialization, in the same vein as Tinder … with the same qualities and the same defects!

4. AdopteunMec, women in power


Provocation is a must at AdopteunMec and this is not always well seen. Never mind, the site created in 2008 has managed to make a pretty place in the online dating market. Its axis of differentiation: empower women.

From this point of view, it is a success, since AdopteunMec has already attracted more than 10 million people in France and claims a majority of women enrolled. They also have free access to all features of the site when men must pay a monthly subscription from 19,99 € / month


5. eDarling, the most serious

★★★★ ☆
Unlike Adopting a Dude, here humor or provocation are not obvious. Almost austere at first glance, eDarling is primarily a serious dating site. And a site to make serious meetings.

Designed to help you meet “by affinity”, eDarling will first test you for a personality test to connect you with singles who really match what you are looking for.

Simple and effective, the site has attracted more than 13 million people, mainly men and women of middle age, between 40 and 60 years. If you are looking for a one night plan, go your way. But to create a strong and lasting relationship, eDarling is an excellent reference. Too bad that its rates are a bit high (from 32 € / month).

6. Parship, a recognized efficiency

★★★ ☆☆

Parship is a bit of the direct competitor of eDarling. In other words, a site that caters to men over 30 who are looking for great love. The site makes it possible to make serious and concrete meetings quite easily, especially as the profiles of the people registered are rather qualitative.

We find the principle of dating by affinities, to put you in contact only with people with whom you have common points. What to avoid wasting time with someone who would not match you at all. It is effective, even if the love encounter loses some of its magic here, so much no place seems to be given to chance.

The free registration allows you to access the basic features, but you will have to pay the monthly subscription of 29.90 euros to fully enjoy Parship and make real meetings.

7. Attractive World, the selection at the entrance

★★★ ☆☆

As the TV ad says, Attractive World is the meeting place for demanding singles. Here you will only find qualitative profiles of men and women handpicked. In theory. Because for your profile to be validated, it is necessary that the other members of the community accept you.

Elitist, Attractive World certainly is. Rather than finding love, it sometimes feels like applying for a job interview where only the most affluent can reach the top. This selection is hard but allows the site to have members who share many common points.

AW’s other strength lies in regular events throughout France. For those who have trouble taking the plunge, here is a great opportunity to meet “in real life”, with singles looking for the same thing as you.

With subscriptions ranging from 23.90 to 59.90 € / month (depending on the duration), prices are certainly high, but not necessarily more than those of the competition.

8. Elite Rencontre, for the ambitious of love

★★★ ☆☆

Rebelote! As for Attractive World, and as indicated by the name of the site, Elite Rencontre offers to meet singles “upscale”. In any case, men and women who display a certain status, graduates and / or enjoying a good professional situation.

Here, good manners are obligatory when you get in touch with someone. This will be possible after performing a comprehensive online personality test, which will further target the profiles compatible with yours.

Of course, the number of people registered is lower than some competitors, but quality is supposed to take precedence over quantity. You are in any case entitled to expect the best on this site where the price of subscriptions ranges from 25 to … 100 euros!

9. Be2, unknown but to know

★★ ☆☆☆

750,000 members in France, a majority of quadras … and women! Be2 is not the best known dating site, but it deserves a little more talk about him.

Very easy to use, it offers all the classic features. If not surprising, it will allow you to easily contact singles who match you. Overall, the result is quite close to Meetic Affinity, the site derived from Meetic and specialized in serious dating. And besides, in both cases, we do not have much to reproach these sites (except perhaps a community too small). Even the prices remain very correct on Be2, from 19,90 € / month.

10. Jacquie and Michel Contact: for informed people

★ ☆☆☆☆

We radically change the registry with the last site of this top 10. The most libertine of you will be delighted to learn that the website X Jacquie and Michel has also opened its own platform of meeting.
No “classic” meeting on the program, but rather “asses” and other sexual experiences reserved for couples, men and women who do not have cold eyes.

You will understand, the site is not to put in all hands; but if you are in the target, Jacquie and Michel Contact is probably the most effective. So, we say thank you who?

So, what is the best dating site?

If only one name should be mentioned, it is obviously Meetic who would reap the palm of the best dating site. The site can count on the largest community of singles to help you find love (or a simple pass). It is in any case the one on which you will have the most chances to meet people.

But today, we find that the use of mobile has upset the codes of the meeting. Thus, an app like Tinder has no shortage of assets but the (too) large number of profiles present will discourage more than one.

Finally, if you are able to put your ego aside or misogyny is not part of your character, the Adopt a Dude site may be the one that suits you best.

Anyway, the 10 sites presented in this selection deserve that you are interested in them. It’s up to you to see if you’re looking for the love of an evening or a lifetime.