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Chatbots: towards the end of mobile applications?

The Rise of Chatbots

Some bold companies have announced the upcoming arrival of their chatbot on instant messaging platforms with the promise of revolutionizing the user experience.

The Silicon Valley giants have entered the race to clinch the leading position on this new technology while the drop in the number of mobile applications downloads coupled with the rise in the use of messaging platforms heralds a bright future for Conversational robots Popular with users, some brands have already understood the interest of no longer focusing solely on mobile applications. Continue reading “Chatbots: towards the end of mobile applications?”

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Robots will steal your job, but also create your future job

How a Robot Will Steal Your Job

While research in AI and robotics are leaping giants, studies are multiplying, which predict our “replacement” at work. In addition to the dystopian vision, the possibility of freeing ourselves of time to live better

Founded, the fear of the “replacement” of the man by the machine? According to Moshe Vardi of the Institute for Information Technology, 50% of the world’s population will be unemployed by robotics. And according to the firm Roland Berger, the “replacement” of human labor by machines will concern, in France, 42% of trades and 3 million jobs by 2025. Continue reading “Robots will steal your job, but also create your future job”

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Delete yourself from the internet. How To Erase Your Tracks Online

Want to disappear from the Internet, or start from scratch? Not easy to erase his tracks on a network that has an elephant memory. But it is possible to remove enough to be forgotten. Follow the guide !

Not easy to remake a virginity on the Web, to erase everything to make a new start … or to disappear, simply. Difficult, impossible even, to erase everything. But it remains possible, thankfully, to remove most of your digital traces. Without necessarily going through a society of “cleaners” professionals, which often cost a little expensive. Continue reading “Delete yourself from the internet. How To Erase Your Tracks Online”