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The 10 best dating sites and apps in 2018

Serious meeting or plan of a night: on which site to find the love?

Providing a comprehensive comparison of all dating sites is an impossible mission. Just be clear right now! It must be said that these platforms are always more numerous. Whether you are looking for general dating sites (gay or straight) or sites dedicated to cougar encounters, short-term encounters or “community” meetings, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding on the Internet. We even find completely crazy sites in this area!

Faced with this observation, we might also be led to think that it has never been easier to find love. And yet … In France, in 2017, there are 18 million singles! So if you’re in this category, maybe you want to end celibacy. And maybe you have the temptation (if you have not already done so) to register on a dating site. But then, which one to choose? What to trust?

Match, eDarling, Tinder Online … We have tested 10 dating sites for you to help you see things more clearly. All are relevant but not all are addressed to the same men. Continue reading “The 10 best dating sites and apps in 2018”